Saturday, February 20, 2010

About Lynn

Being a tomboy has its benefits, because Lynn was privy to the secret world of boys at an early age. She grew up in rural New Jersey and spent her free time playing basketball, baseball, and football with the neighborhood boys. In the evenings, she curled up with a notebook and wrote stories for her best friend. There's nothing like a loyal reader, peanut butter cups, and grape soda to kick start a writing career.

That career took a sharp u-turn when Lynn went to Bucknell University to study Business Administration. After a short stint in banking, Lynn pursued a Master's degree in Adult and Continuing Education. Luckily, a nice fellow asked her to marry him, and they put down roots near Philadelphia.

Lynn worked as an administrator for a University program, but she was decidedly unfulfilled by the job. In hindsight, she regretted being so practical. Her first love was the arts. In the evenings, Lynn began writing again. She felt drawn to the romance genre and set out to write her first manuscript.

Learning how to properly craft a novel was a welcome distraction from life's bumps and bruises. Kitchen appliances broke; loved ones got sick; and Lynn had difficulty conceiving. Just as she was beginning to accept that children may not be in her future, Lynn got pregnant. After waiting so long for a baby, Lynn decided to be a stay at home mom.

Elbow deep in dirty diapers, culinary disasters, and dog-tastrophies, writing was the one thing Lynn could control. She bought a computer and set up an office in the spare bedroom, occasionally squeezing in twenty minutes of writing during nap time. Sometimes, weeks would go by before she could write again, but the characters were always there, waiting patiently.

Now Lynn's house is bursting at the seams with her tall husband, two tall daughters, and a short Sheltie who won't stop barking. When she's not working on a manuscript, Lynn writes about the lighter side of family life at For Love or Funny. Please stop by and say "Hi!"

Factoids about Lynn:
  • She can hardly smell a thing.
  • Instead of basketball, she plays tennis.
  • Dark chocolate is a dietary staple.
  • Photography is one of Lynn's favorite hobbies.
  • Her dog isn't that faithful.
  • On beautiful days, Lynn sneaks out to play golf. It's a sickness.