Monday, February 22, 2010

Coming soon... Her Intuition

What happens when a chemistry professor is suddenly haunted by a strange premonition? Does she ignore her irrational fear and return to the sterile safety of her research lab? Or does she risk looking like a fool on the chance that her gut feelings are right?

Mia DeVaux risks looking like a fool when a terrifying dream wakes her in the middle of the night. She fears that if she doesn't act fast, she might never see her father again. There's one small problem. She has no proof he's in danger, not one bit of concrete evidence that his departure means trouble. She just knows.

She turns to Vaughn Caselli for help. Not only does he work for her father's law firm, Mia suspects his client has something to do with her father's disappearance. Vaughn becomes a partner in her quest if only to prove her wrong, but his efforts to debunk her theories are sidetracked when Mia starts unearthing his own humiliating secrets. When she accepts him, scars and all, Vaughn suddenly realizes that trying to suppress his feelings for Mia is like stuffing a hurricane into a bottle.

Mia resists Vaughn's overtures. Frankly, she can't trust her heart until she knows she can trust her instincts. Besides, the last time her gut feelings were right, her fiancee dropped her like a hot potato. She's terrified Vaughn won't be able to accept something she can never explain.

Will their romance survive her intuition?