Friday, April 23, 2010

The first step: sending your book to a publisher

Today, the first three chapters of my manuscript will be delivered to a publisher. I got extremely lucky. I went to a RWA conference and had an appointment with a lovely editor. It was my first "pitch," and it showed: I tripped over words, lost my train of thought, and completely botched my oral presentation. Somehow, the editor could tell that my story could be classified as a romantic suspense, and she generously offered to read my first three chapters. Relief!

I don't feel comfortable speaking. I'd much rather convey my thoughts via the written word, so I'm deeply grateful that she gave me a second chance to present my story. I'm uncertain if my book is what she's looking for, but I'm excited to start the journey.

From all accounts, editors are swamped with queries, partials, and full manuscripts to assess. I imagine it will take many weeks for my submission to be read. However, the waiting is kind of nice. It gives me the chance to dream that perhaps, one day, the shelves of my local book store will have books with my name on the cover.

Here's to taking the first step!

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